Advertising and Promotion

When you choose to advertise your products and services with the Perth and Districts Multiple Birth Associations Inc. (P&DMBA), it gives your business targeted access to almost 500 member families with at least two children aged between 0 to 5 years. Our rates are reasonable and all funds go toward supporting those member families.

There are a number of ways to promote your business or service to P&DMBA members:

  • Discounts

The P&DMBA discount list is sent to all new and renewing members and published twice per year in our newsletter. It can also be accessed on the members-only Discount Information section of our website. The P&DMBA discount list outlines discount offers suitable for members and direct contact details for the businesses who offer them.

If you wish to offer a discount on your services please complete the P&DMBA Discount Agreement form and email to

  • Advertisements

Your business can be advertised via the P&DMBA:

– Website – – Your businesses logo can be featured on the home page of our website with a link back to your website.

– Newsletter – “Multiple Productions” – our 20-24 page, monthly .pdf publication, is emailed to nearly 500 P&DMBA members and around 40 other multiple birth clubs throughout Australia. As space can be limited, it is important to send booking confirmation as early as possible to secure advertising and promotion space. Samples of our newsletter are available upon request.

If you take a commercial adverting package there is some capacity to include some promotion of your business on our Public Facebook Page, which has almost 1500 fans.

If you are interested in a commercial advertising arrangement with P&DMBA, please have a look at our P&DMBA MediaKit , which includes our Rates and Packages and the Advertising Agreement Form. Please email with any commercial advertising questions or to send in a completed Advertising Agreement Form.

  • Raffle Prizes

Raffles are held at most of our events and your business can choose to donate prizes. Businesses who donate prizes to any events will be promoted at the event and promotion in the form of Thank You messages will be included on the main page of the P&DMBA Website and posted on the P&DMBA Facebook page.

– Small Regular events – such as Expectant Parent Meetings or New Parent Morning Teas – your business can donate raffle prizes valued between $20-$50 in exchange for the distribution of pamphlets or product samples to attendees.

– Large events – such as the annual Christmas or Easter Picnics – prizes of any value can be donated providing promotion of you business to a much larger group of members.

Please email if you would like to donate a prize one of our events.

  • Members Business Directory

If you are a PDMBA member you can add your business, and any discount you wish to offer, to the Members Business Directory. This directory is made available only to other PDMBA members.




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