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Rooms Opening Times
10am to 12:00pm on the following dates:
  • April   23, 28  (all Tuesday and 10am to 12 noon)
  • May     7, 14, 21, 28   (all Tuesday and 10am to 12 noon)
  • June    4, 11, 18, 25   (all Tuesday and 10am to 12 noon)
  • July     2, 9, 16, 23, 30   (all Tuesday and 10am to 12 noon)

For Hire

Our equipment hire service offers members subsidised hire of equipment. Please email hire@pdmba.org.au if you wish to book an item. Equipment can be collected from or returned to the Rooms during opening hours (or at another time by prior arrangement).

Item for Hire Bond (refundable)
Twin Breastfeeding pillows $30
Twin Bottle Feeding pillows $50
Spectra S2 Double Breast Pump $10/month + $21 for kit $50
Bumbo Infant Seats $20 per seat
Bebe Pod Infant Seats w/trays $20 per seat
6-seater Bus $100
Plan Pals $50

hire equip aug 2016

Breast Pump for Hire Information

Article on how to measure your nipple and how to know you have the right shield size:

“How to Choose the Breastshield Size That’s Right For You


Plane Pals

Inflatable seat extender that makes sitting and sleeping on a plane, train, car or bus more comfortable for childen.



  • Plane Pal is to be used in the window seat or the middle seat in the centre rows
  • Plane Pal is not to be used during take off or landing
  • The child’s seatbelt remains fastened at all times (you can request an infant extender belt to help with this)