P+DMBA Services

The Association has a range of volunteer services that are available to all members of the Perth and Districts Multiple Birth Association.

For Prospective Members

  • Expectant Parent Meetings

    These meetings are presented by our Parent Contacts bi-monthly and include  parents to share “real-life-with-multiples” experiences.  If you have any questions, concerns or need any information about having multiples then this is for you!! All expectant parents are most welcome and you can join the Association on the day. Contact us or visit our Events page for details.

For Financial Members

General Member Services

  • Our Rooms

    These rooms are opened by a volunteer for a couple of hours each week for the pick-up and return of hire equipment and library books, merchandise sales, information about local support services and also for joining the Association. We are located on the ground floor of Agnes Walsh House in the Centre for Women‘s Health building (next to King Edward Memorial Hospital), on Bagot Road, Subiaco. For complete room address details (including a map) and room opening hours visit our Contact page.

  • Newsletters

    Monthly E-newsletters and quarterly editions of our “Multiple Productions” newsletters. The newsletters are filled with interesting articles on multiples and parenting, member stories, discounts, association news and events.

  • Library

    We have a well stocked, constantly updated, library consisting of fantastic twin, triplet and general parenting books/DVDs, as well as many more resources.  Country member are able to get books mailed out to them free of charge. For full details on our extensive catalogue visit our Library page.

  • Equipment For Hire

    Our equipment includes breastfeeding pillows, infant seats, and bassinets for twin prams. For full details visit our Equipment for Hire page.

  • Discounts

    The Association has negotiated a number of discounts at businesses across the Perth Metropolitan area for members.  Once you become a member you will gain access to the PDMBA discount lists.

  • Shoprite

    We provide FREE access to the Shoprite discount and benefits scheme for all our members.

  • Members Only Website Access

    We have password protected pages for members to access:

  • Fundraising

    This is an integral and necessary part of our Association. It helps us pay for events during the year and keeps our membership fees down. A number of fundraising initiatives are held throughout the year and we encourage our members and their extended families and friends to participate. We do our utmost to ensure that our fundraising activities are affordable, good quality and in a lot of cases help out fellow multiple parents!  To check out our latest fundraising offers visit our Fundraising page.

Member Events

  • Social Events

    The association holds many events throughout the year to enable our members get to know each. These include our Easter and Christmas picnics, events during Multiple Birth Awareness week in March each year, parent dinners, school holiday functions and other various events. Details of events are published in the monthly newsletter and are listed on our  Events page.

  • Coffee Groups

    These groups are organised by our members throughout the metro and country area, and are a great place to share experiences, find local support and a chance for your little ones to meet.  Check out our Coffee Groups page for locations.

  • Multiples in School Forum

    This forum is held each year for parents whose multiples will be starting their schooling in the following year. It provides an opportunity to hear advice from an experienced teacher and ask questions of a parent panel, who willshare their own experiences of multiples schooling.  Contact us or check in What’s On for details. There is a Multiples in School Contact who will be happy to discuss any problems you may be experiencing. The contact number can be found in the newsletter.

  • Free First Aid Courses

    First aid courses are held throughout the year and give members the opportunity to attend a free short first aid course presented by Royal Life Saving WA. The training session runs for three hours and covers first aid for common child injuries including burns and scolds, choking, drowning and how to perform infant and child resuscitation or CPR.

  • Toddler Workshop

    This is an annual, informal event that includes tip sharing on how to survive the second year and beyond with your multiples. Content includes survival strategies for families, safety, sleep, tantrums and discipline, toilet training, toddler development, etc.

  • “New to You” Clothing Swap

    This is an annual event that gives members the opportunity to upsize their children’s clothing without having to pay retail price. Members donate clothes, prior to the event, in exchange for credits, which can then be redeemed for bigger sizes / change of season clothes on the day. Members who do not have clothes to donate can purchase credits of the day for 1 each.

For Expectant or New Parents

  • Our Breastfeeding For Multiples Workshop

    These workshops are held throughout the year and are led by a qualified lactation consultant and supported by a parent panel ready to share their experiences with expectant parents.  We received the national AMBA Appreciation 2011 Local Club Award for developing and running this workshop and the Breastfeeding Multiples information booklet that goes with it. Contact us or check our What’s On page for details.

  • Hospital Visits

    Visits by one of our friendly volunteers can be arranged for any expectant or new mother of multiples in hospital. Please contact us and we will organise a visit.

  • New Parent Morning Teas

    These morning teas are held four (4) times a year, approximately every three months. They are a chance for you to meet new people and join in discussions with other parents of twins and/or triplets under 12 months old. Share stories and swap numbers with other families of multiples and enjoy a morning tea too! Many a coffee group has begun at a New Parent Morning Tea so come along and meet some fellow multiple families.  Contact us or check our What’s On page for details.

Volunteer Support Contacts

  • Parent Contacts

    Our volunteer contacts are happy for you to telephone them if you have a problem or query,  or you wish to talk something over. Their contact details can be found in our newsletter.

  • Prem Births and Special Care Nursary Contact

    Our volunteer contact is available to offer support and information to parents who are at risk of, or who have experienced the premature delivery of their babies.  The contact number can be found in our newsletter.

  • HOM (Higher Order Multiples) Contact

    Our volunteer contact specifically caters for parents of triplets, quadruplets and quintuplets. The contact number can be found in the newsletter. For more information on support available to HOM families visit our HOMs page.

  • Bereavement Contact

    Our volunteer contact can assist parents during difficult times and ensure that information is provided on professional organisations, literature available and other appropriate contacts. The contact number can be found in our newsletter.

  • Hospital Contact

    Our volunteer contacts is available to assist with any hospital  related problems or query’s, or just wish to talk something over. The contact number can be found in our newsletter.

  • Dad’s Contact

    Our volunteer contact is available for any fathers of  multiples who have any problems or query’s, or just wish to talk something over.  The contact number can be found in our newsletter.

  • Country Contacts

    Our volunteer contacts are available for our country members who have any problems or query’s, or just wish to talk something over.  The contact number can be found in our newsletter.

  • Same Sex contact

    Our volunteer contact is available for our same sex members who have any problems or query’s, or just wish to talk something over. The contact number can be found in our newsletter.

  • Sole Parent Contact

    Our volunteer contact is available for our sole parent members who have any problems or query’s, or just wish to talk something over.The contact number can be found in our newsletter.

Social Media

  • Public Facebook Page

    Our PDMBA Facebook page has been very popular with families, business and supporters all over Australia. The page posts include updates on Association services and events, as well as other multiples related articles, blogs, pictures, etc.  If you would like to follow us, visit the page and click the like button on the page. Also, please message the page with any content requests, suggestions or photo shares.  For more information message the Facebook page or contact the Communications Officer whose contact number can be found in the newsletter.

  • Closed Facebook Groups

    We have two closed Facebook groups available for financial members. These are:

    • Our P+DMBA Members Facebook group has almost 500 members, and provides a safe, private online support network for members to share photos, ask questions and share tips etc.
    • Our P+DMBA Trading Post Facebook group provides a place for members to sell second hand baby related items.

For more information message a group admin or contact the Communications Officer whose contact number can be found in the newsletter.

Please read the Facebook Guidelines October 2016 document for general posting as well as buying and selling guidelines.

  • YouTube channel

    Our Perthmba YouTube channel provides association videos that celebrate the joys of having multiples.  For more information contact the Communications Officer whose contact number can be found in the newsletter.

  • LinkedIn Company Profile

    Our PDMBA LinkedIn company profile has been created to enable us to have presence in a professional network. This allows us to connect with prospective supporters and sponsors, as well as provide an avenue for volunteers to be endorsed for their contributions to PDMBA on a professional level. If you do volunteer with us we encourage you to include this Association experience in your profile.

  • Twitter Account

    Our @Perthmba Twitter account is a way for us to communicate with our followers primarily from association events and other multiples forums.

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